Get More Customers

As a business owner you know the value of having loyal, satisfied customers. Happy customers will tell their friends and family about your products, services and the great work that you do. These referrals are key for getting more customers.

Do you want more of your customers and people in the community raving about your business?

Watch this video to learn how SmallGyfts can help your business, your customers and your community.

SmallGyfts allow you to reward your customers with a small donation to their school, church or favorite cause when they do business with you.

Use SmallGyfts to thank your customers for their loyalty and ongoing patronage by supporting a cause they care about.

Click the link below to add your business in the SmallGyfts app to start turning your customers and local community organizations into passionate fans who will celebrate you on social media and help you get more customers.

How SmallGyfts Works

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