Phil Fung Studios

Phil Fung creates art that reflects his unique upbringing and his optimistic view of the world. Born to Chinese-Jamaican parent, Phil was raised in a fusion of Caribbean, Asian, and American culture. This unique upbringing has given Phil an idiosyncratic style of art.

Like many artists, Phil learned to love art at a young age. Starting with doodle drawings in his textbooks, it wasn't until college that Fung took any formal art training. Attending Florida State university majoring in Studio Art gave him the opportunity to learn all aspects of fine art from drawing, sculpture, photography and computer design. Ultimately painting became Phil's art of choice.

Phil Fung Studios Paintings

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Be Water
So what is "Be Water"? This is the perfect place to provide additional information about the piece. I see Bruce Lee. But I know there's more. Let ...
Stars and Stripes
In 2008 hosted an international art competition called Manifest Hope. Out of 3000 entries, Phil Fung's "St...
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